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What is church / Why church?


Living faith, strong hope and acting love.

Ruksa is christian church which belongs to Pentecostal church of Finland. Operations center located in an idyllic yellow in a wooden house property in heart of Uusikaupunki. Many people from different age groups and several different nationalities goesto Ruksa. Our events are open for everyone and we want to be community, where even the doubter can feel welcome to grow with other incompletes.

If you are new in town or just seeking your spiritual home, you are warmly welcomed!

The congregation is designed by God, built on the teachings of the Bible and the apostles. It is community of believers whose origin is from heaven. We want to be a church whose ministry makes the invisible world of God visible. In our ministry, we trust in the living God who leads us in every live season to find the right ways of action to achieve this goal.

Ruksa | Pentacostal church of Uusikaupunki membership is gained only through personal faith and baptism. Jesus himself told his followers to make disciples of all nations, to baptize and teach them. In this way, the church grows and new converts can move forward.

The first local churches are introduced in the Bible in book of Acts. There we can find a model for church leadership. According to that model, local congregations should be led by elders who should be role models for believers and enjoy the trust of people outside the congregation as well. You can find the current elders of our congregation here.

Ruksa | Pentacostal church of Uusikaupunki is a member church of Pentecostal Church of Finland (link in finnish)

Our core values

We are a Christian church and these are our core values.


The Bible is the eternal Word of God, given to human language in a specific historical situation. The 66 books of the Bible (OT 39 and UT 27) were written by over 40 people under the guidance of God's Holy Spirit over a period of 1,500 years. This living Word of God, the Bible, is the foundation of our faith. Without it we could not know God. In God's plan everyone who is born as His child will grow and develop into spiritual adulthood. From the Bible, a spiritual person receives versatile nutrition in order to grow in a balanced way. However, this requires that we agree what the Bible says. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit helps everyone here personally. Therefore, the systematic teaching of the Bible has an important place in the activities of our church.