Children & Youth

Embracing our young ones and inspiring them to grow in the Lord.

Children and youth are an important part of our congregation, and we know the Lord is doing something very special with this next generation! We have different types of activities for children, ranging from Sunday school (dates and times announced on the calendar) to game nights, and family fun days to summer camp. Every once in a while we also have children's service on Sunday instead of our normal Sunday morning service. the services are called "Naperojumis" (something like "Kiddychurch" in English), and have been an awesome way to get children involved in the Word of God through skits and plays, praise dance, arts, and music/songs. Ruksa has a play area designed specifically for children under 3, located in the back of our sanctuary.


SUNDAY SCHOOL is divided into two groups: Children aged 3-6, and then 7-12 yr olds. On Sundays when there isn't any Sunday school, children are more than welcome to join the normal service. You can check out sunday school dates on the Juniors' very own calendar on this page.


It's always a good time for FIREWORKS!


ILOTULITUS (eng.Fireworks)

is a part of the interdenominational, nationwide and international King`s Kids operation ( The collaboration aims to build unity among generations, chuches and nations. According to the "Know God and make him known" -principle children and youth are encouraged to use their gifts and grow into carrying responsibility and collaborating with others. All of the ILOTULITUS activity is for both girls and boys. 


Kipinäkerho (eng. the Sparks Club)

excercise sparks us up! Game nights at the Hakametsä school on Sundays at 6-7pm, Tammitie 8, 2300 Uusikaupunki. Welcome! Check out the Juniors' Calendar on this page for Sparks game night dates.

In addition, you can learn manual skills through various workshops organized by the Sparks Club!

Rätinäryhmä (eng. the Crackle Group)

If your child likes the outdoors, this is it! The Crackle group goes on nature trails and exciting excursions out in the woods. There might even be some makkara (sausage) over a campfire.

Questions? Please contact

Marika Anto, Child & Youth Ministry coordinator or 050-522 9628.

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