Welcome to Ruksa, Uusikaupunki Pentecostal church

Even today Jesus lives, the Bible is true and prayer works!

Ruksa is a Christian congregation, part of the Pentecostal Church in Finland. We are right in the city centre in an idyllic yellow wooden building. Ruksa gathers people from various age groups and many different nationalities. Our meetings are open for all and we want to be a congregation where even seekers can feel welcome to grow together with others on the way.

If you are new in town or you are just looking for a spiritual home, you are warmly welcome!

May 2022

JANO - night
Date Fri. 27.05.2022 18:00 - 19:30
JANO - night. Come to praise and worship with us the Living God.
International Meet & Greet weekend gathering
Sat. 28.05.2022 - Sun. 29.05.2022
International Meet & Greet weekend gathering at Haukharja course center. 
- Haukharja address: Lavikontie 456, 23500 Uusikaupunki
- Hosting: Virpi Vasama, Noora Hoffren, Granger Simmons

June 2022

Jumalanpalvelus ja ehtoollinen
Sun. 05.06.2022 11:00 - 12:30
Jumalanpalvelus ja ehtoollinen, saarna Aarre Lamminen
Midsummer Eve
Fri. 24.06.2022
Celebrated on the Friday falling between 19 and 25 June. The actual date of Midsummer's Eve may vary between the 19 and 20 June Shops remain open Information provided by www.officeholidays.com
Midsummer Day
Sat. 25.06.2022
Midsummer in Finland was originally a pagan festival that celebrates the longest day of the year Information provided by www.officeholidays.com

 Ylinenkatu 13, 23500 Uusikaupunki