We want to be a loving house of God, to thank God for His grace and help. We want to grow as human beings as well as Christians and to spread the Gospel of salvation to others.


About our Church. What do we believe?

The Church is planned by God himself. It is a fellowship of believers built on the foundation of the teaching of the Bible and the apostles, and its origin is in heaven.

We want to be a Church that makes the invisible reality of God visible for us. We trust that the Living God is with us and that He guides us to find the right ways to make this happen in every generation.

One can become a member of the Church through personal faith and baptism. Jesus himself commanded His followers to make disciples of all the nations, by baptizing and teaching them. This is the way the Church grows and new Christians can make progress in their faith.

The first local churches are found in the Acts and there we also find the pattern for Church leadership. According to this teaching there should be elders who are put in charge of the local churches. The elders should walk as an example for others and enjoy respect and trust of the outsiders. The list of our church elders can be found here.The Pentecostal church of Uusikaupunki is a member church in Suomen Helluntaikirkko.

Our core values


The Bible is God’s eternal word that has been rendered into human language in a given time in history. The 66 books (Old Testament 39 and New Testament 27) have been written during 1500 years by about 40 people who were inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. This living Word of God, the Bible, is the foundation of our faith. Without its message we would not know God. God’s plan is that everyone who is born into His family grows into spiritual maturity. Our spiritual man is nourished by the Word that we need in order to grow. For this we need to understand what the Bible teaches. There is the Holy Spirit to guide and help each one of us personally.
Moreover, we focus on sound and systematic teaching within the church to further the Christian growth.