RUKSA Uusikaupunki prays together with all churches in Uusikaupunki 22.4. at 6 pm.

The prayer meeting will be implemented with JITSI video conferencing program.

Here are instructions on how to get involved. So the evening is a live broadcast
and there Will be no record left. You can also come to the meeting after 6 pm, but because the evening is live
broadcast, so you should come along right from the start. This evening is a pilot, so
we may run into technical problems. Let’s pray that everything goes well and we get through the meeting well.


Ukirukoilee2HOW TO?

All you need to do is make sure your computer's webcam and microphone work.
On Wednesday, open the address from your web browser. There you will find the lowest
image link that you can click to go directly (you can also click on the image). The link opens
on Wednesday at about 5:55 p.m.
A mobile video conferencing program called Jitsi (free) must be downloaded to the mobile device in advance.
On Wednesday, you go to your mobile device’s web browser (as well as your computer) at and click from there Uki prays for the meeting link as above. When the link opens
download the jitsi videoconferencing mobile app and join our interactive meeting.
If you can't join the meeting, then you can send prayers and
thanks topics:
● whatsapp 0407066059
● SMS: 0407066059
● e-mail:
You can send prayer requests also anonymously.



 Ylinenkatu 13, 23500 Uusikaupunki